Building Certification Cairns


Baker Building Certification Cairns
Baker Building Certification Cairns Qld

Our Cairns Office is located at:
3 Scott Street Parramatta Park, across from the Cairns Railway Station.

We are able to service clients in the Cairns region including to Port Douglas and down to the Cassowary Coast. Both of our offices are able to cover the whole North Queensland area together.

Core Competencies (Building Certification)

  • Regulatory Advice – We provide regulatory advice at the preliminary design stage to assist clients with understanding how their project will satisfy the Building Act 1975, Regulations and Codes.
  • Certification – We are licenced Building Certifiers who can certify any building, anywhere in Queensland.
  • Inspections – We conduct inspections on all classes of buildings anywhere in the state.
  • Consultancy/Reports – We are able to provide professional reports for all building work i.e. fire safety, access, and bushfire construction.
  • Local Government Regulatory Services – We provide building certification and regulatory services to three local governments in the region (Cook Shire Council, Croydon Shire Council and Torres Strait Island Regional Council)

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